How does Payment Uploading - Synchronisation work

How does Payment Uploading - Synchronisation work

How does Payment Uploading / Synchronisation work?

Credit Card and Direct Debit payments that are approved and made from the Pay Now button are always posted directly against the matching invoice.

BPAY payments will be uploaded to Xero and applied to outstanding invoices. We will attempt to match BPAY payments to invoices by matching the amounts. If a suitable match cannot be found, we will apply the payment to outstanding invoices starting with the oldest. Invoices that are linked to payment plan will not have BPAY payments applied to them.

Direct Debit or Virtual Terminal that are not applied directly to an invoice, are not uploaded to Xero. Batch Debits are not uploaded to Xero as they are not related to a Customer.

Merchant Invoice Integration

Reconciliation fees and charges related to your eXconnect Account are automatically uploaded to Xero. When we generate an invoice, it will automatically be added to Xero against the matching ‘eXconnect Contact’. 

Only invoices generated after the Xero start date will be uploaded.

Invoices with adjustments will be handled as follows:

  1. When a credit invoice has been applied, and was created after the start date. The credit invoice will be uploaded and applied to the Xero invoice.
  2. When a credit invoice has been applied, and was created before the start date. The credit will appear as a line item on the Xero invoice.
  3. When a credit has been applied, it will be recorded as a line item on the Xero invoice.
  4. When a debit has been applied, it will be recorded as a line item on the Xero invoice.


Credit Invoices that are not fully applied will be uploaded to Xero as unapplied, or partially applied. These will be applied to the next invoice automatically. Do not manually apply the credit invoices.

You will need to select the correct accounts for the fees included in the invoices. If unsure, please check with your accountant.


Synchronising Customers

Once the settings have been saved, eXconnect will start synchronising your account with Xero. Customers will show when they were last synchronised with Xero. Whilst your account is connected to Xero, you will be able to navigate from the eXconnect Customer to the Xero contact.


Synchronising Payments

You can view if a payment has been synchronised to Xero by clicking on a payment to view the receipt in the eXconnect client portal. 


Activity Log

The activity log records the details of any actions that occurred between eXconnect and Xero. It also provides links to any Xero related actions. You will need to be logged in to Xero to follow any of the links.



The actions will show any problems matching eXconnect customers to Xero contacts that could not be resolved automatically. Anything relating to the affected customers will not be synchronised until this has been resolved.



The messages will show any information of significance. These include:

  1. When a customer has to be given a different name in Xero (Xero has a requirement that names are unique).
  2. Mobile number is not valid and was removed
  3. Email address is not valid and was removed


Important Information

Xero is designed for organisations that process up to 1,000 invoices per month. As such we are restricted in the number of payments we can upload to Xero. A maximum of 200 prepayments per night can be uploaded. If you attempt to upload more than 4,000 payments in a 30 day period we will disable the upload feature of your payments.

Only payments made after the start date that you connected your account to Xero will be uploaded.

If at any point you encounter problems within your Xero account you can contact their support here. 

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